Hotlist: Ones to watch for 2020

It’s that time of the year again where everyone and their grandma drops a list of artists to look out for in the new year. The thing with these lists however is that they are usually filled up with artists that have already had major hits and millions of views. Not really much of a bold prediction is it? As you know already, SpotlightFirst likes to keep its ears to the ground and give shine to artists you probably haven’t discovered yet.

Over the years we’ve had many artists that we predicted to do big things perform at our Under The Spotlight event and they have then gone on to do great things (One Acen, Hardy Caprio, Suspect OTB) . We of course expect a similar outcome with the talent who performed at our most recent show in October. Those acts include the likes of Keys The Prince, GBNGA, Cheryll, Big Tefs and KNWGD. Be sure to check out their music and more in our UTS Alumni playlist.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 acts we think you should watch out for in 2020.

Adz @adz_01official1

LondonYG @LondonYG

Odeal @IamOdeal

Adejosh @Adejoshnoni

Dej The Ego @Deji_vu

Gabzy @ItsGabzy

EricIV @OfficialEricIV

Ling Hussle @LingHussle

Teeway @TeewayTF

Shaybo @ShayboMusic

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