Some sort of introduction…

Welcome to SpotlightFirst!



Firstly I’d like to say thanks for being here from the JUMP!

This is the first post of what’s about to be history in the making, and we’re putting our own spotlight on Spotlight!

A Brief History

The idea for SpotlightFirst actually came about when by chance (no pun intended). I stumbled upon Chance The Rapper’s mixtape #10Day, long before he released the now classic and every bloggers fav ‘Acid Rap’, or was hanging around with The Justin Bieber. I believed he’d be the ‘next big thing’. Then he became the next big thing. And thought what if there was a website you’d go to find the next next big thing before they are the next big thing. From that concept, it expanded, becoming what is now SpotlightFirst. – ClubTolu

At Spotlight we find the hype before the hype is there. We create the stories before the story’s written. Or better yet an XXL Freshman a couple years before they make the ‘freshman’ list (#NoShade).

We listen to a lot of Hip Hop, but this is not a Hip Hop blog. We listen to all types of music and they will all feature on here in some type of way. From the UK to the US, Trap to Classical, Spoken Word to instrumentalists, we’ll have you covered.

SpotlightFirst is not a gossip blog. We will not drown you in constant news and random stories that’s on every other music blog. We are here to give you the good stuff. Come here first and you wouldn’t need to go anywhere else after. We will also be working on a YouTube channel and more.

We know you’ll find your new favourite artist at SpotlightFirst, because if it’s under any spotlight, it’s under ours first!

And on that we’ll leave you with some ‘old’ Chance..

Till next time…


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