Finch Fetti’s Favourite Projects of 2020

UK producer and A&R Finch Fetti lists 10 Alternative UK Rap projects and 10 R&B/Soft Pop projects that were a highlight of his 2020. Be sure to check out both lists below.

If you know my music preference, then you would be aware that I have a real appreciation for music that has a dark yet energetic vibe to it, which explains why projects from Lancey, Len, Dav1d, Duggie (Clout Currency), Feeks and Whoiswoods made it onto this list for me, as they all combined their sound with an experimental dark influenced vibe, making their whole project’s really enjoyable for me this year, as they all executed this sound extremely well. 

Rasstokyo, Hitt Kidd, Kish! & Duggie (In Love & War) also had projects that stood out this year for me, out of all the music I listened to. Even though these projects may not fully lean into the dark sound I usually appreciate, they still provided a well produced and chill soundtrack to my year and were also laced with bangers that I’ll still be playing well into 2021. 

I can say this is one of the first years that I decided to make a conscious decision to listen a lot more R&B/Soft Pop music as 2019 was the year I realised that I really do enjoy R&B and Pop music way more that I think I did, with projects from Ravyn Lenae, Ari Lennox, Brent Fiyaz and Abra creating that understanding for me.  

This year made me really excited about the UK scene within this sound, as Hope Tala, Lianne La Havas & Jaydonclover released for me some of the most polished and sound defining projects this year. Some of the more alternative Pop leaning projects from The Weeknd, Amaarae, Tame Impala, Asi Kemera & Evann McIntosh this year, were also great highlights to my 2020, in regards to how cohesive and aesthetic pleasing they were. Be sure to check out the full list of all 20 projects below.

Finch Fetti’s 10 Favourite Alt UK Rap Projects of 2020 [1/2]

[1] Len – Days Before Interstellar 


[2] Dav1d – Crowded L1fe 


[3] Lancey Foux – Friend or Foux (late 2019) 


[4] Cloutgod Duggie – Clout Currency 


[5] Hitt Kidd – Summer Tapes 


[6] Feeks – Feekzilla 2


[7] Cloutgod Duggie – In Love & War 


[8] Kish! – The Fantastic Preservation Society 


[9] Whoiswoods – The Fantastic Preservation Society 


[10] Rasstokyo – Winter Wonder 


Finch Fetti’s 10 Favourite R&B/Soft Pop Projects of 2020 [2/2]

[1] Hope Tala – Girl Eats Sun 


[2] The Weeknd – After Hours 


[3] Amaarae – The Angel You Don’t Know 


[4] Tame Impala – The Slow Rush  


[5] Lianne La Havas – Lianne La Havas 


[6] Jaydonclover – Recovering Lover 


[7] Partynextdoor – Partymobile  


[8] Asi Kemera – Daydream 


[9] Alina Baraz – It Was Divine  


[10] Evann McIntosh – Mojo (late 2019) 



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