Finch Fetti’s 5 recently discovered artists: Reemuni, Sainté, Serane, Calmzulu & Kdvsgoliath

UK producer and A&R Finch Fetti lists 5 recently discovered artists whom he’d like to hear more from. This week the spotlight is on:

Reemuni, Sainté, Serane, Calmzulu & Kdvsgoliath

[1] Reemunni (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Teezandos, Kwengface & Bandokay   

Description: Reemunni makes UK Drill music that is very high energy and incorporates the new wave of independent and dominant female rappers. Reemumni gives us the same energy you would get from her male peers within the UK Drill scene but with a woman’s perspective, attitude and content. Her lyrical content is brash and bold, delivery is confident and raw, and her flow is very interesting and keeps up with a lot of the upcoming names in UK Drill. 

Favourite Release: Reemuni – The Hotspot 

Latest Release: Reemuni – The Hotspot


[2] Sainté (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Curren$y, Jesse James Solomon & Sam Wise   

Description:  Sainte makes very chilled laid back rap music, which seems to be becoming very popular within the British scene again. He has a very laid back and monotone vibe, that is matched with his very smooth and soulful trap beats that remain minimal but rich sonically. His lyrical content is strong as he seems to focus on maintaining the very chill vibe his sound already has; the wordplay is not overdone and remains consistent with the effort of his tone, flow and delivery, creating an overall smooth effortless vibe. 

Favourite Release: Sainté – Reference

Latest Release: Sainté – Stylin


[3] Serane (FRA)

Ideal for Fans of: UnoTheActivist, D Savage & Yung Bans 

Description: Serane is making very lazy chilled soundcloud trap music that seems to be inspired by early sounds from artists like Chief Keef, Playboi Carti and rappers from that 2016 soundcloud era. He seems to use very bubbly yet simple melodic beats as he raps in a very monotone and slurred delivery in mostly French. 

Favourite Release: Serane – Spend 

Latest Release: Serane – Serene Meets Cashcache EP 


[4] Calmzulu (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: NAO, Ama Lou & Arlo Parks 

Description: Calmzulu’s music style seems to be influenced by Neo-Soul acts from the US but she also has a very UK Electronic Music feel to her singing approach. She appears to have a very balad styled voice but combines it with very alternative R&B instrumentals and production. Her voice does remind me of Erykah Badu, while her tone is quite similar to Lily Allen because of the strong british accent that is maintained within her singing voice. 

Favourite Release: Calmzulu – A/Part

Latest Release: Calmzulu – Flaws 


[5] Kdvsgoliath (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Trippie Redd, Xxxtentacion & Juice Wrld.  

Description: Kdvsgoliath makes what sounds like rock inspired emo guitar based trap music. He also experiments with a more aggressive, rage music style at times. He has a very dark and brash sound that seems to be very vulnerable and raw with his lyrical content to vocal delivery. The production style does alternate from intense quirky trap beats to melodic guitar trap beats. 

Favourite Release: Kdvsgoliath – Endless

Latest Release: Kdvsgoliath – Endless

Written by Finch Fetti

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