Finch Fetti’s 5 recently discovered artists: Raage, Namani, Local Goon, Southlove & Prentiss


UK producer and A&R Finch Fetti lists 5 recently discovered artists whom he’d like to hear more from. This week the spotlight is on:

Raage, Namani, Local Goon, Southlove & Prentiss

 [1] Raage (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Young Adz & Yung Fume. 

Description: Raage is an artist who has combined the UK Trap Wave sound with UK Drill instrumentals, giving a melodic and retrospective vibe to the hard hitting instrumentation. I can definitely see his sound have a wider audience appeal as he captivated the energy of a street banger into a chill vibe with his smooth vocals and contagious cadences. 

Favourite Release: Raage – Dem All 

Latest Release: Raage – Dem All 


[2] Namani (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: D Savage, Sam Wise & Skepta 

Description: Namani is an artist that has adopted the popular quirky US Trap sound and has combined it with his British tone and Grime like energy. Instead of approaching this sound with a slurred and chilled out vibe, Namani contrasts this with his very sharp, bold and energetic approach. This is a style I can certainly see working well within a festival setting and also appealing to a wider audience.  

Favourite Release: Namani – Shelly!

Latest Release: Namani – The Sommer Pack EP 


[3] Local Goon (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Sheck Wes & SkimasktheSlumpGod.

Description: Local Goon is an artist who has a very energetic dark sound that is intense and seems to have been perfectly crafted for a moshpit environment. He uses obscure beats that maintain a harsh drum pattern and are usually bass heavy. Local Goons rapping style on this song is very direct, brash and serves like a chant you would expect from a club banger. 

Favourite Release: Local Goon – In House 

Latest Release: Local Goon – I’m The Man  


[4] Southlove (FRA)

Ideal for Fans of: D Savage & Sahbabii. 

Description: Southlove is an artist that has a very soothing sound and melodic/R&B like vibe to his music. His production is layered in romantic and serenading sounding chords and melodies, which he sings softly over in French, giving the sound a very alternative R&B and Trap sound. His sound is very laid back and comes across intentionally spacey and retrospective. 

Favourite Release: Southlove – Jet

Latest Release: Southlove – Southillusions


[5] Prentiss (US)

Ideal for Fans of: Lil Peep, Lil Tracy. 

Description: Prentiss is a 13 year old artist that has seemed to perfectly find his own lane within the Emo/Indie trap sound. His music is as heartfelt as a lot of the musicians within that space, as croons and sings in Emo Rock sounding cadences in a passionate and vulnerable tone. His music does have a youthful vibe to it, which makes it all the more catchy and contagious. I can definitely see his music working if films and tv shows sync and feel it also has a radio friendly appeal. 

Favourite Release: Prentiss – October

Latest Release: Prentiss – Chocolate

Written by Finch Fetti

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