Finch Fetti’s 5 recently discovered artists: Kayowa, Niko OTOD, HOGARTH, SD & Kritz £lMula

UK producer and A&R Finch Fetti lists 5 recently discovered artists whom he’d like to hear more from. This week the spotlight is on Kayowa, Niko OTOD, HOGARTH, SD & Kritz £lMula

(1) Kayowa

–          Describe in one sentence?  A very chill laid back Rap/R&B sound with a strong message, soft melodic and confident delivery and lyrical content, that makes for the perfect Neo Soul/Stoner track.

–          Who could you hear them collaborate with? Lesia, BaggE & Lxdxp 

–          Favourite song from them? Kayowa – Ridin 


(2) Niko OTOD 

–          Describe in one sentence? US Florida/Atlanta influenced trap sound with a dark undertone but still maintains the rapid uptempo British flow and tone, giving the track a moody yet hype vibe.  

–          Who could you hear them collaborate with? Cmillano, Kish! & DXVL 

–          Favourite song from them? Niko OTOD – Eye 4 an Eye



–          Describe in one sentence? Slow and mellow Bedroom Pop sound that seems to have a lot of 60’s music influence, from its production and vocal delivery, while still maintaining a simple yet interesting vibe that gives it a very unique style. 

–          Who could you hear them collaborate with? Blood Orange, Unusual Demont & Steve Lacy 

–          Favourite song from them? Hogarth – This Boy


(4) SD

–          Describe in one sentence? Gritty and dark UK Drill sound with a brash delivery that has a very raw authentic feel to it, with it accompanying bold topics and contagious chorus. 

–          Who could you hear them collaborate with? K Trap, AK & G Splash

–          Favourite song from them? SD – Dennis The Menace


(5) Kritz £lMula

–          Describe in one sentence? High energy UK Drill sound with very brash lyrics and an intense delivery that gives the whole song an intimidating mood, which would be perfect for a mosh pit festival setting.  

–          Who could you hear them collaborate with? Rack5, Bgody & Loose1 

–          Favourite song from them?  Kritz £lMula – Booker T


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Kritz £lMula 

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