Finch Fetti’s 5 recently discovered artists: Kaydee, Meron T, Shaqkid, Triggy & DXVL

UK producer and A&R Finch Fetti lists 5 recently discovered artists whom he’d like to hear more from. This week the spotlight is on:

Kaydee, Meron T, Shaqkid, Triggy & DXVL

 [1] Kaydee (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Bandokay & Bgody. 

Description: Kaydee is a UK Drill artist that has seemed to join the list of rappers that have found the balance between making a street banger that also has a commercial audience appeal. Kaydee style is intense yet fun as he’s able to make serious songs that still have an anthem feel to it. His tone is quiet Brooklyn Drill influenced, however he has the brash and confident UK style to his delivery, flow and lyrical content. ‘Bill It’ is one of those songs you could definitely see creating a moment within a festival setting. 

Favourite Release: KayDee – Bill It

Latest Release: KayDee – Abra Flow


[2] Meron T (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Ari Lennox & Pip Millet.

Description: Meron T for me, is a part of the new wave of UK based singers that occupy the Soulful R&B add Neo-Soul space, that have their own unique sound, from singing style down to production. Meron T’s song ‘Hunny’ is a perfect blend of early 90’s R&B with a Modern Neo-Soul touch to it. Meron has a very impressive voice, which is soft but still captivating. She effortlessly manipulates her voice with vocal runs, riffs and hums to create a smooth synergy between the instrumental and her lyrical content. Hunny is one of the songs that can instantly put you in a sexy or romantic mood and is definitely one for the ‘Netflix And Chill’ playlist. 

Favourite Release: Meron T – Hunny 

Latest Release: Meron T – Dailyy / Crazy out of Love


[3] Triggy (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Loski, Digga D.

Description: Triggy is a UK Drill artist that is definitely keeping the energy of the brash and direct 2015 era alive. He has a well rounded sound that is rare within the UK Drill scene, from his interesting and flexible flow, his direct and lethal lyrical content, to his confident, sharp tone and in your face delivery. ‘Po’style’ may not be one of those songs you could hear having commercial appeal, however I could definitely see this song causing a manic if performed in the right environment and atmosphere. Triggy’s dark and menacing sound, along with his contagious rapping style is definitely something I feel, UK Drill purists would appreciate. 

Favourite Release: Triggy – Po’style

Latest Release: Triggy – Simon Says  


[4] Shaqkid (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: GeeYou & D-Block Europe. 

Description: Shaqkid is a melodic UK Trap Wave artist, that is really cutting through the noise with his vocal ability and passionate lyrics. Shaqkid has a very impressive tone that works very well with the melodic trap production he uses. He has a strong sound that seems to be getting better with each release. His melodic approach is well rounded and lyric content is passionate, retrospective and at times quite vulnerable, which is something I can see connecting well with an audience that is a fan of this sound. ‘Trust Issues’ is a song I could surely see working in a club setting, however I feel this is one of them songs that hit best on long late night car journeys.

Favourite Release: Shaqkid – Trust Issues

Latest Release: Shaqkid – Mama I’m A Star


[5] Dxvl (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Skepta & Jesse James Solomon. 

Description: Dxvl is a London based producer turned artist that now vocals his own production as well as others. Dxvl production is one of those clear cut sounds that is easily identifiable style, which he has honed over years. He has definitely crafted a whole sound for himself, not only with the production style but his vocal ability when rapping over these beats. Dxvl’s simplistic, monotone and raw, flow and delivery creates anthem/chant-like songs that would be ideal for a high energy performance at either a show or a festival environment.

Favourite Release: Dxvl – Gnabry

Latest Release: Dxvl – Dreams on Rust! 


Written by Finch Fetti

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