Finch Fetti’s 5 recently discovered artists: Dama, Camille Munn, Kalada, Ske7ch & Moses

UK producer and A&R Finch Fetti lists 5 recently discovered artists whom he’d like to hear more from. This week the spotlight is on Dama, Camille Munn, Kalada, Ske7ch & Moses

(1) Dama

–          Describe in one sentence? Very gripping and Dark UK Drill sound, with a very menacing tone, sharp delivery, direct and intimidating lyrical content that would not be ideal for radio and would definitely appeal to the early adopters of UK Drill from back in 2014-2016.

–          Who could you hear them collaborate with? Latts, PS & C1

–          Favourite song from them? Dama – Deranged 


(2) Camille Munn

–          Describe in one sentence? Smooth Jazz inspired R&B sound, that is sung softly and soulfully over a neo-soul sounding beat, giving the song a very laid back, classy and chill feel that would be perfect for them Sunday mornings.

–          Who could you hear them collaborate with? Jaydonclover, Danny Sanchez & BaggE

–          Favourite song from them? Camille Munn – Blue 


(3) Kalada

–          Describe in one sentence? Melodical UK Drill sound that combines an R&B sample with subtle UK drill drums and a flow that further enhances the whole mood of the track, giving it a radio friendly and wholesome approach to the Drill sound.

–          Who could you hear them collaborate with? SwitchOTR, Runzo & Kam

–          Favourite song from them? Kalada – Without You


(4) Ske7ch

–          Describe in one sentence? Bold UK Drill sound with a contagious and aggressive energy, that has a simplistic flow but an exciting delivery and raw lyrical content you could hear resulting in the song becoming a street anthem.

–          Who could you hear them collaborate with? K Trap, Jordan & RV

–          Favourite song from them? Ske7ch – 7 Hunna


(5) Moses

–          Describe in one sentence?  A nice blend and combination of the Bashment sound with chill Afrobeat elements, giving the song a mellow yet club/party vibe that could work in a range of environments, further pushing the musical boundaries of the Afrobeat/Bashment wave.

–          Who could you hear them collaborate with? RG, The Rara & Kaz Fuego

–          Favourite song from them? Moses – Freaky (feat. Marzi)

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