Finch Fetti’s 4 recently discovered artists: Kaede, Bonz, Efé & Frazer (Wk20) 

UK producer and A&R Finch Fetti lists 4 recently discovered artists whom he’d like to hear more from. This week the spotlight is on:

 Kaede, Bonz, Efé & Frazer

[1] Bonz (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Ard Adz & Meekz Manny 

Description: I do try to avoid including artists that only have one song released because it is usually too early to call, however there seems to be something special about Bonz. He has the classic UK rap style but has combined elements of the new UK Trap Wave. He seems to come from the era of the real authentic street rap, that I feel could connect with the core street fans as well as crossing over to a wider audience. 

His track ‘Free All My Bros’ is one of those songs that grabbed my attention as soon as the chorus started. Bonz adopts a lazy and anthem-like singing style over the chorus but then maintains an energetic and intense melodic rapping style throughout the track as he lets off brash, raw and honest lyrics that could see resonating well with the right audience. I think Bonz has the potential to be in the space where he can attract the older audience with his classic UK rapping style and also the younger audience that are more hip to the melodic and singing approach of his rapping style. This is definitely one of those songs you could see a mob of people chanting and singing along to if it was to be played in the right environment. 

Favourite Release: Bonz – Free All My Bros

Latest Release: Bonz – Wok


 [2] Kaede (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Ivorian Doll & Trillary Banks

Description: Kaede is a testament to the range and talent of female rappers coming out of the UK. Kaede has a very intense and bold sound that is combined with her confident and captivating rapping style. Her track ‘Blasian Baddie’ is a heavy UK Drill anthem that embodies the energy you would get from a brash, self assured and street smart girl from London. It is a song that could easily be the 2021 soundtrack to a lot of people that can relate. 

Kaede effortlessly lets off witty and cheeky lyrics (mixing a bit of what sounds like Japanese) accompanied with her fierce flow over an uptempo UK Drill instrumental. ‘Blasian Baddie’ is certainly one of those songs you could see connecting very well in a live performance and becoming a street anthem. 

Favourite Release: Kaede – Blasian Baddie

Latest Release: Kaede – Succession Freestyle


[3] Efé (IRL)

Ideal for Fans of: Clairo, Kali Uchis & Arlo Parks

Description: Efé has a soft and smooth indie sound, that seems a bit 70’s Pop and 80’s R&B inspired. Her music has a diverse range of styles that usually incorporate mellow sounding guitar rhythms and smooth laid back drum patterns, her track ‘Table for Two’ fully embodies the points mentioned. 

The track has a very soft and relaxed vibe to it, as Efé effortlessly weaves through the instrumentation with her soft and soothing singing voice, creating a mesmerizing and chill listening experience. This track is definitely something you should have on your chill Sunday morning playlist and is also something you would appreciate on a long late night journey. 

Favourite Release: Efé – Table for Two 

Latest Release: Efé – What Should We Do This Summer ? (EP)


[4] Frazer (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Juice Wrld, M Huncho & Kevin Gates 

Description: Frazer is an artist that seems to blend very Rock inspired singing tones and cadences with Trap influenced production that result in authentic, passionate and heart-felt music. I feel some would classify his sound as a melodic sounding Hip Hop music but I feel Frazer has a very unique rough and emotionally driven singing style you would hear from early 2000’s rock music, that he has adopted to this style of Hip Hop. 

His song ‘Virtual Mind’ has a deep and consistent message which seems to be the theme within his music as a lot of the tracks including this one seem to have a healthy amount of substance to it. ‘Virtual Mind’ is definitely one of those tracks you could seek working very well in a Film/TV Show sync and is one of those tracks that could connect deeply with the right audience. 

Favourite Release: Frazer – Virtual Mind 

Latest Release: Frazer – Dear Diary 


Written by Finch Fetti

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