Finch Fetti’s 4 recently discovered artists: Bel Cobain, Shen, Gi , Qendresa & SamRecks (Wk:22/03/21)

UK producer and A&R Finch Fetti lists 4 recently discovered artists whom he’d like to hear more from. This week the spotlight is on:

Bel Cobain, Shen, Gi , Qendresa & SamRecks

 [1] Bel Cobain (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Lily Allen & Mac Miller 

Description: Bel Cobain is an artist that I would consider an Alternative R&B singer, however her style is quite unconventional to do within that space as she at times appears to border on being more of a rapper with how she delivers her vocals over 90’s sounding Boom Bap instrumentals. Bel Cobain has a very soothing sound and has a musical aesthetic of an artist that is very chill and laid back, her singing approach does come off as more of a spoken word/speaking type delivery, which she still manages to wrap in silky cadences and melodies. Bel Cobain has a very direct, open and conversational style to her music as songs like ‘Introverted Stoner’ allow you to have an insight into her way of thinking and her current perspective and seems to be made to put listernes into an engaged and retrospective space.  

Favourite Release: Bel Cobain – Introverted Stoner 

Latest Release: Bel Cobain – At The Bay  


[2] Shen, Gi (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Ivorian Doll & Trillary Banks 

Description: Shen Gi has a very sharp, confident rapping tone and delivery style that has so much clarity and works very well with her laidback and well spoken british accent. Her lyrics are intense and have a contagious level of boldness to them. Her song ‘Unfriendly’ is a perfect representation of everything mentioned and is one of those songs you could see going off at a live performance and would connect very well with the right audience. 

Favourite Release: Shen, Gi – Unfriendly

Latest Release: Shen, Gi – Unfriendly


[3] Qendresa (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Sade & ABRA 

Description: Qendresa is an artist that seems to have a sound that is heavily influenced from the 80’s/ early 90’s musical aesthetic of funk, disco and R&B music. Qendresa has a very silky and smooth sound that comes off effortlessly cool and edgy. Qendresa overall sound has a strong sensual vibe to it that is still classy and rich within its production and her singing style. Her music has a very free and open feel to it and seems to perfectly capture the essence of the romantic 80’s era. The song ‘Be Mine’ is for sure a track that displays everything mentioned above and is definitely one of those songs that would be a  great soundtrack for a date night with your significant other. 

Favourite Release: Qendresa – Be Mine

Latest Release: Qendresa – Midnight Line Request


[4] SamRecks (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Fizzler & Q2T  

Description: SamRecks has a polished and modern UK Drill sound to his music. His musical style is much cleaner and has a level of confidence that would draw most listeners in. SamRecks has quite a confident and brash lyrical approach, while he maintains a playful and entertaining personality within his flow and delivery. ‘Boogie’ is one of those UK Drill songs that you could hear working well with the core UK Drill audience but still containing a wider and commercial space. 

Favourite Release: SamRecks – Boogie

Latest Release: SamRecks – Walk This Walk 


Written by Finch Fetti

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