Finch Fetti’s 4 recently discovered artists: BaggE, G!ft, DoRoad & Cal1sto

UK producer and A&R Finch Fetti lists 4 recently discovered artists whom he’d like to hear more from. This week the spotlight is on:

BaggE, G!ft, DoRoad & Cal1sto

 [1] BaggE (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Rayvn Lenae & Ari Lennox  

Description: BaggE has a silky sound that combines elements of Funk with a modern R&B twist. Her song ‘ Can’t Keep Fighting’ displays her softly singing in a ballad cadence and with brash lyrics  over an obseque Hip Hop instrumental.  

Favourite Release: BaggE – Can’t Keep Fighting You 

Latest Release: What About Summer? – EP


[2]  G!ft (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Rushy & Sam Wise 

Description: G!ft has a solid that combines elements of the old school Atlanta Trap sound with a very confident British tone, delivery and rapping style. ‘Dargie’ is one of those songs you could see going off at a show as it has an infectious trap production and catchy anthem-like chorus people would gravitate to. 

Favourite Release: G!ft – Dargie 

Latest Release: G!ft – Dargie 


[3] DoRoad (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Body & Bandokay  

Description: DoRoad has a gritty South London drill sound that you can tell is raw and unfiltered. His song ‘It Was Me’ has dramatic production that is engaging and creates the perfect tension and intensity to match DoRoads brash lyrical content and harsh rap delivery and flow. 

Favourite Release: DoRoad – It Was Me  

Latest Release: DoRoad – It Was Me


[4] Cal1sto (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Skepta & Suspect 

Description:  Cal1sto has a very trippy sound that borrows from elements of UK Grime over US Cloud Rap styled production. In his song ‘Tints on a Greenhouse’, he alternates between a few different skippy flows that attack different pockets of the instrumental. He also switches between a laid-back cadence to a more brash and bold delivery style frequently throughout the song, which is executed very well over the chill Trap influence production from Luca Santamaria.  

Favourite Release: Cal1sto – Tints On The Greenhouse 

Latest Release: Cal1sto – Tints On The Greenhouse 


Written by Finch Fetti

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