Finch Fetti’s 4 recently discovered artists: Akemi Fox, Dre Six, Vinch & Kasper939

UK producer and A&R Finch Fetti lists 4 recently discovered artists whom he’d like to hear more from. This week the spotlight is on:

Akemi Fox, Dre Six, Vinch & Kasper939

 [1] Akemi Fox (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: Sade, Jorja Smith  

Description: Akemi Fox has a very sweet and soothing sound that has a bit of a soulful Jazz element to it. Her vocals are warm and wholesome which is combined with her soft tone and british accent gives her music a classy and rich vibe to it. ‘Lemon Tea’ is a song from her which completely embodies everything I mentioned above. I can definitely see her sound working well on one of those chill sunday playlists and get togethers.  

Favourite Release: Akemi Fox – Lemon Tea 

Latest Release: Akemi Fox – Colour You In EP


[2] Dre Six (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: MoStack, Young T & Bugsey   

Description: Dre Six has a very upbeat and party vibe to his music. It is the energy you would usually find on those mid 2010’s UK Garage and UK Funky songs but has instead been repackaged into the modern UK Rap/Trap Wave sound. Dre Six has a very confident and smooth delivery, which he combines with his strong British tones and brash lyrical content. ‘Parle’ is a song that would be ideal for a nightlife in London and embodies the kind of song you would want to hear on Saturday Night Radio Show or Houseparty. 

Favourite Release: Dre Six – Parle  

Latest Release: Dre Six – Parle


[3] Vinch (UK)

Ideal for Fans of: UnoTheActivist & Sheck Wes. 

Description: Vinch has a unique and quirky vibe to his music. His production seems to pull from the US 2016 Soundcloud era and Atlanta Trap sound. He combines this sound with his smooth cadence and brash London attitude giving his music a chill yet captivating vibe. Vinch does lean on more of his melodic talents as well as his lyrical ability, this can be heard in his song ‘Slide’, which is one of those songs that would sound perfect coming out of some car speakers on a late night drive. 

Favourite Release: Vinch – Slide 

Latest Release: Vinch – Sorry


[4] Kasper939 (FRA)

Ideal for Fans of: Stacy Money & D Savage.   

Description: Kasper has such a smooth sound that seems to be influenced from romantic 90’s R&B music. The production is layered in sensual sounding chords and combined with subtle yet hard hitting trap drums. ‘Picture’ is one of those songs where Kasper passionately and melodically sings in a soft french tone to create a mellow and spacey atmosphere. This is one of those songs that would be definitely ideal for your ‘Netflix and Chill’ playlist. 

Favourite Release: Kasper! – Picture 

Latest Release: Kasper! – Srry, Jss 1 Goofy Star. EP


Written by Finch Fetti

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