[EP Review] Gabzy puts us all at ease on his ‘Malone’ EP

South East London singer and songwriter Gabzy returns with his highly anticipated new project; the ‘Malone EP‘.


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The EP is a follow up to his story of heartbreak portrayed in ‘Summers’, the joint 2019 EP from Gabzy and Melvitto.

On Malone, Gabzy takes centre stage after previous collaborations with legendary producer and songwriter Melvitto, showings fans he has what it takes to be a star on his own accord.

Gabzy states “Malone is my alter ego. I believe everyone’s got another side to them. Malone was birthed from heartbreak”.

The meaning of the EP paints the scene and prepares us for the theme of the first track. Gabzy starts off the EP with a sultry and cheeky song “As Friends” reminding us that he is only here for a “good time, not a long time“. Immediately we are treated to his soothing and comforting voice with a nice little vibe. Gabzy sings to us over a subtle guitar instrumental that will have you swaying and moving in some way.

He then leads us into “Must Be Sprung” where he treats us to a more upbeat sound still maintaining his signature harmonies with a more R&B tone. In this track he anguishes over the fact he’s possibly caught feelings and is willing to spoil his woman any way possible; “She got me under her spell, she got me buying Chanel” further emphasising how sprung he is!  With ‘Brazil‘ featuring South London’s Blanco, Gabzy provides us with a different sound as he experiments a bit with his flow, while still keeping an element of original Gabzy! The relaxed and slowed down, previously released ‘Malone Interlude‘ brings us back to a level prepping us up for ‘Toxic‘. Toxic does a full 360 as he sings a version of “It’s not you, It’s me” with a silenced beat allowing his rich vocals to take centre stage.

The EP overall is an impressive promising project. Gabzy highlights his talent and his melodic voice resonates throughout, accompanied by his fusion of Afrobeats, Soul and R&B. This project has proved that Gabzy has really come into his own and is definitely one to watch. This EP is the perfect project to lead us all into 2021.

The EP is a solid 4/5 for me and the standout track would have to be “As Friends“. I predict this being a big hit!

Gabzy – Malone EP is out now.

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