Emerging Alté artist Ty Solo releases debut single paying homage to dark skin beauty

Dark Skin Girl is the long-anticipated debut single from emerging Alté artist Ty Solo – a singer and songwriter from south-west London. The song co-produced by Levelle London and ShoKeys showcases Ty Solo’s smooth melodic R&B vocals whilst offering an Afro-Caribbean twist.

“I hate to put myself in one box, but if I could describe my sound it would be Alté.” Alté is a popular Nigerian term used for describing the new age ‘fusion genre’ that combines elements of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Hip hop and alternative RnB.

It’s smooth, sweet and soulful with a kick!” – Ty Solo

Born and raised in Brixton with Jamaican roots, Ty Solo is no stranger to a wide variety of musical styles which he embodies in his work. With musical influences from the early 90s up to the new school era – this has helped shape his unique sound and versatility.

“With Dark Skin Girl, I wanted to make a chilled summertime hit, something that people could vibe to at the day party – but also something with a message and meaning. This anthem is all about celebrating dark skin beauty – unapologetically!”

Dark Skin Girl is out now on GRM Daily.

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