Drake’s #Views outsells Beyoncé’s #Lemonade in just one day

It has been known for a while that in whichever year drake decided to drop his new album, it would no doubt be one of the biggest albums of that year. So it comes as no surprise that the recently released ‘Views’ is already pretty much the biggest album of the year so far, despite only being released a few days ago.

It looks like yet another number 1 album for Drake. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. ‘Views’ is already looking like doing crazy numbers and for those that predicted he would do over 500,000+ sales in a short while, you were 100% correct as around 750,000 units of ‘Views’ have been shifted (including streams). In the first 24 hours, Drake’s album shifted 575,000 copies which is incredible to say the least.

To put Drake’s incredible album sales in perspective, ‘Views’ has outsold the entire first week of Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ in only one day. Beyoncé’s pure album sales amounted to 485,000. Even though Beyoncé’s recent albums have lacked the conventional rollout method that many other artists opt for, there is no doubt that her albums have consistently achieved massive numbers regardless of how little notice she gives before releasing one, supporting the view that she is arguably the biggest artist in the music world today. The fact that Drake has managed to eclipse her sales in only a few days is testament to his star power which is up there with anyone and everyone sales-wise, and for many, beyond them.

Who knows the heights to which Drake’s first week sales could rise, with some sources predicting that they could reach as high as 800-900,000 units sold. Although the streams may be counted differently by Billboard as the final first week sales are projected, there is no doubt that Drake has solidified himself at the top of the game with numbers like this to back it up.


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