Dear Artists… Get Your Branding Game Up!

Social media is one of the best places to market yourself these days and in the music game, marketing yourself is what you need to do and you really need to do it well. People say the current landscape of music here is “over-saturated”, which is a word I’m not a fan of label-ing anything as, because I believe that the cream rises to the top eventually and if you make an effort to separate yourself, you’re likely to stand out from the rest. Success mostly comes from those actions.

This post below, is my advice to all up and coming UK artists.  Music is a business and if you want to be taken serious, then you need to treat it like one. Your music is a product, you are a product. If you’re not going to be serious and make an effort to be a star out here then you can’t feel bitter that those who are taking the necessary steps to progress are doing so.

What is your niche exactly?

With everything relating to marketing, knowing where you fit into the bigger picture is key, knowing your niche is so important because that will let you know exactly the type of people you are making your music for and who exactly you are appealing to. Personally, I’m so tired of seeing certain UK artists out here and not even having a clue of what lane they want to be in, I’m sure that they don’t even know. How do you expect to build and maintain a core audience when you aren’t even clear exactly on who your audience actually is.

The first step is understanding who you are, what’s your story and what are you about as an actual person. Who do you speak to? Who relates to you? Once you have an idea of all this then you need to embody it. At the end of the day whoever feels you will feel you and those that don’t, won’t and are no longer what you need to focus on. Once you have people that you know rock with you, market yourself to those people, your core will be the foundation of you getting anywhere in this game. If you can’t answer the simple question of who do you make music for, then where exactly can you go from there when it comes to mapping a serious plan for your career?

If you can’t maintain a consistent social media presence, get someone to do it for you.

How many UK artists am I going to see in scandals and drama on their socials? How many UK artists am I going to see that are doing the most to distract us from their actual music? How many UK artists am I going to see that don’t do all they can to interact with their fans on their social media, the people that actually go and listen to their songs?

Ultimately, your social media is a portal into your personality and your work. If you aren’t seriously looking to promote yourself and your artistry effectively online then you are missing a trick. It’s this simple, if you can’t maintain a consistent presence on your socials (which is definitely going to be beneficial to your music career) then get someone else to handle it or help you with it so you can focus on doing what you do best which is making music.

Do interviews, let people see your personality. Give us something.

I still don’t understand how in 2019, people can still struggle to connect with you. The amount of avenues that you have as an artist in this day and age to get yourself out there is insane. You have podcasts, blogs, YouTube personalities that do interviews, even if you want to create your own platform you can do that. There’s zero excuse for not trying to get yourself out there as an artist.

The goal for most artists is to be a star, but the issue is, this takes actually making efforts to build your presence in the media. I’ve watched interviews with UK artists and they appear not willing to talk much, or aren’t media trained. Obviously it won’t help you to build your brand if people don’t even like listening to you talk. These are reasons I tell you to keep putting yourself out there. If people connect with your personality then they are way more likely to connect to your music if it’s consistent with what they see of you.

It’s OK to laugh, it’s OK to show personality or vulnerabilities. You do not need to carry yourself too seriously. So many UK artists don’t make an effort to show us anything, no substance. You can’t even criticise their music, how can people support you if they can’t even give you their honest opinion without being insulted and ridiculed (I’m referring to fans who give respectful and constructive critique). These things do not endear people to you in the realms of public opinion.

What’s your end goal, where are you trying to take this?

If you started doing music to be known in your area then that’s fantastic. If you are doing it to make a name for yourself then that’s great too. But I want every artist that might be reading this to have an idea of where they want to take this music game that they are in now.

When you know your end goal it makes a lot of things easier I can promise you that. You might not entertain certain things that might mess you up if you have your end goal in mind, because you know where you’re going and where you want to go.

If you clearly know where you want to take your brand, then it will be easier to know how you need to invest in yourself to make sure that brand gets exposed to the most amount of people. You will have a generally better idea of the types of people you want to work with and you always have that picture of where you want to take your career.

At the end of the day, we’re all trying to be successful doing what we do, for all of you that are making music, I imagine that is the case also. If so, then there’s no excuse for not really putting yourself out there in any way you can. Regardless of how many people there are in the UK it’s all the same, people are connected to people. Stop playing around and get serious with your career if you are trying to take it to the next level.

Words by @TalkWithTonte

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