Dave East! The Revival of New York Rap! 

Running down my Rap icon’s instagram page (for those who don’t know that’s Nas) just over a year ago and I see a post he made hailing this young gritty looking dude. Naturally seeing anyone Nas has given the stamp of approval, I had to check him out. Heard him first on the track ‘From the soul”, which he had released a video for a few years back and you could tell that he had that gritty raw flow accompanied with bars of substances. I’ve always liked a rapper who shows versatility to jump on track, coalesce with the instrumental and go in with hard bars! 

His selection of rappers and artists to collab with has been key in his steady rise to fame and notability. Most recently his verses on ‘For the Family’ on Fabolous‘s acclaimed summertime shootout 2 packed another punch to show this New York rappers ability to spit fire bars! It also shows the unity amongst NY rappers to counter much of the criticism received recently on there being little talent being produced from the big apple. Don Q another NY rapper also shows what he can do on this track, we can expect more from him too and one to keep an eye out for in the future.

A lot of speculation has been made on the style of music which has been being produced from NYC of recent. Much of the music takes key elements of the down south/ Atlanta essence and attempted to imitate it, prime example being Desiigner with his big hit “Panda”. Dave East recaptures that good old New York sounds but resells it to us fresh in 2016. 

Dave East just recently dropped his first studio Album named “Kairi Chanel” after his newly born daughter. Dave managed to produce an album which has no clear club/radio track, but rather a REAL selection of unique tracks to fill up the track list of this album, with the track ‘Don’t shoot’ he touches on the ongoing issues with police brutality and the fear ever present in the black youth of America, a fear which also resonates over here in the UK. 

In a recent interview on the Popular radio show The Breakfast Club, I heard him mention his musical taste and the music which helped form his style, he placed in importance in studying the greats before him. The fact he’s getting into the Rap game a more complete individual is helping him make calculated associations with the right artists. Being able to call on the likes of Cam’ron and Beanie Siegel show that his wave has been far reaching and he has something people want to get in on.

He recently signed a Joint venture deal with Def Jam and his current label Mass Appeal, which can only further give him that boost he needs to touch a much wider market. My only fear is that this new deal will influence the sound he has and force him into producing certain types of records. 

‘The variety of tracks and features he’s combined on this album help in solidifying the body of work as one of the best rap albums out this year. An amazing first official step into the album game, with word of Nas executive producing his next album we can only expect more from the young Harlem native. I think Dave East is the real deal and has landed a big blow in silencing the doubters. 

For more tracks and info on Dave East, you can check him out on his, Soundcloud and Twitter mentioned below.

Sound cloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/whoisdaveeast

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaveEast?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

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