WATTBA: D Double E lands IKEA Advert Campaign & We Love To See It!

Grime legend D Double E recently featured in the 2019 Christmas advert for IKEA. For me personally, this was such a great thing to witness but it was also a great win for the culture.

Not too long ago, Grime was a marginalised genre with very little mainstream recognition, so it’s amazing to see how things have changed with one of the more prominent and credible names from the scene collaborating on a major campaign in a way that makes sense, is authentic and just simply entertaining.

It’s also a sign of how brands are paying increasing attention to the marketability that the grime scene can bring, when it comes to promoting their own products and services.

This IKEA commercial involves a couple sitting in their house with their child, and them seeing various items through the room coming to life with D Double E’s recognisable voice behind them and letting them know with his usual grime flow and style, how their house could use tidying up and fixing up in various ways, prompting the couple to go to IKEA immediately and buy furniture accordingly.

You can watch the full IKEA commercial below.

People are already talking about the song by D Double E used in the advert, being released as an official tune to challenge for the Christmas number 1 spot!

It’s Good To See Different Kinds Of Moves Being Made

I’ve always been a fan of artists (as well as creatives and influencers) going for (and securing) different kinds of opportunities outside of the obvious. D Double E nailed the advert and he should definitely be proud. You wouldn’t instantly connect him with a Swedish furniture brand, but when you see the commercial you wonder why something like this wasn’t done sooner.

I trust that others will see this and the positive reaction it received and will now be more inclined to go for opportunities that they once would have felt was out of their reach. Anything can work with the right direction and execution, and this advert was the perfect example to spread that message.

I’m Glad To See Companies Taking Chances

Whatever made IKEA decide to go in this direction for the commercial, I thank them for it. They could have gone with the same old pop song from the 80s/90s but they decided to switch it up and it absolutely worked. It was something different, and it was entertaining. A casual person watching the advert would be able to understand it and would be entertained also. It just ticks all the boxes as to what a successful marketing collaboration should be.

The bigger picture for me is that it’s not even necessarily about brands using grime artists for all their campaigns going forward, it’s about brands understanding that by taking chances and doing things different, they have the ability to deliver fresh campaigns which would be appealing to younger audiences as well as be memorable. This obviously helps when trying to create something viral which will be shared and talked about on social media. I hope many other marketing agencies are looking at this and will be inspired to continue to step outside of the box going forward.

Of course it’s going to be hard for many of the agencies to actually take a chance, which is somewhat understandable(it doesn’t always work), but this IKEA commercial is clear to see why they should take on board other types of outlines for their marketing briefs because if done right, it can easily pay off. I would definitely like to see future collaborations like this in the future. It just works.

Words by @TalkWithTonte

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