Cyn Santana gets personal as she delivers her debut EP ‘Redirected Energy’

Cyn Santana debut EP ‘Redirected Energy’  draws on inspiration from becoming a first time mom to her son and dealing with love acquired and lost.

“Transitional phases are inevitable and just the way Mother universe is set up. Sometimes the only thing you have to do is redirect your energy” Cyn notes.

As a result of redirecting her energy and pouring everything into her music, people can expect a vulnerable yet strong and versatile Cyn on this 9 track EP.

With her transparency and openness throughout this project Cyn aims to empower and inspire women worldwide to step out of their comfort zones and tap into themselves. People can expect to hear a mixture of R&B on songs such as ‘No Question’ and ‘Love Me Better‘ as well as Dance and Pop on the likes of ‘You Remember‘ showing her flexibility as an artist. There is a song to fit all moods.

Reflecting on what this EP means to her, Cyn notes “this project is special to me because it is the first time in a long time where I decided to be selfish and do something I’ve always dreamed of doing. Music is something that fulfills me and I hope to connect and heal through my own music. Inspire and evoke people, make them feel. Through making the project I’ve learned all energy is good. Good energy or bad energy. It’s all about what you do with it”

‘Redirected Energy’ is out now on all digital streaming platforms. Spotify |Apple Music 

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