With a distinctive voice and hard-hitting lyrics, Cyan returns with another single and heartbreak anthem titled “DWYW” – an acronym of the saying ‘do what you want’.

If you’re searching for quality R&B in the UK – look no further! The track has a smooth guitar melody running through it, and by keeping it simple and focusing mainly on her vocals, it only amplifies just how good the song is.

Cyan has an underlying raspy-ness to her voice which makes it impeccably clear it’s her singing. Not only that, but her vocals are actually amazing.

Following on from her debut single ‘Tell Me’, it’s easy to spot just how much improvement and constructive criticism she has taken on.

Accompanied with ethereal and emotive visuals, it gives an even bigger understanding of her thoughts and feelings throughout the song. One thing I absolutely love is the lyrics being presented at the bottom of the screen, too. It makes it easy to follow along and also emphasises the importance of her lyrics. The video features her and her only – feeding more into the heartbreak vibe and showing that she no longer has a partner.

R&B typically hits home for listeners and artists alike, often drawing from real experiences, so it’s nice to get that vulnerable side from Cyan and unveil who she really is in vulnerable moments.

As she continues to hone in on her craft and really perfect her art, she is definitely one to watch in the UK R&B scene, as she presents herself as a dedicated learner with a story to tell.

Watch the video here:

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