Could ‘Wireless Festival’ line up delays be due to campaigns for festival ban?

Organisers of the Wireless Festival 2016 have been taking a little longer than usual to announce this years line up. Hopeful festival go-oers have speculated that this may be due to organisers trying to secure ‘Beyonce’ as an headline act.  It may also be due to another reason, thats not as exciting.

It was reported that there had been campaigns calling for the London music festival to be axed after last years gate crashing fiasco, which attracted nationwide media attention as video footage of large crowds repeatedly trying to ‘break into the event and storm through fences’ were shared all over social media. The Evening Standard reported on the campaign to Ban ‘horrible’ Wireless Festival from Finsbury Park.

Now the Friends of Finsbury Park are leading a campaign against plans for this year’s festival, which they say is oversized, attracts anti-social behaviour and causes their windows to shake from the booming noise.

They also feel it is unfair to exclude local families from such a large area of the park with unsightly fencing they claim spoils the atmosphere.

Tom Palin, 47, the group’s chairman, told the Standard: “Last year the event caused severe damage to the fabric of Finsbury Park.

“It turned the grass into desert scrubland which stayed that way for months. It encloses a third of the park in a huge sheet metal fence, locking out families.”

“It’s unbelievable that it’s allowed to happen. There were problems with break-ins and public disorder last year, it’s a scary situation.”

Wireless festival has been no different than any other music festival in the past and has successfully entertained hundreds of thousands of festival go-oers over the years so we are very happy to hear that the anti-wireless campaign has not been effective enough as Wireless Festival organisers have now announced that the official line up will be released tomorrow!

Tickets are now available HERE

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