Chicago: Home of the Biggest and Brightest! (Part 1)

My iPhone on shuffle, just went from Lil Herb to some JeremihTink then Dally Austin which was followed by some Lucki Eck$ and Brian Fresco. If i’m being totally honest, there may have also been some Rich Gang in-between  (because who doesn’t love Rich Gang), but apart from the Rich Gang interlude, it had just hit me that I have an extremely large amount of music from underground and mainstream Chicago artists. 

A few years ago, people focused on crowning either the East or West coast as being the centre of the rap game. In 2014 the strongest contenders seem to be the Mid West or South. Mainly that of Chicago and Atlanta. Both cities just keep on churning out new artist. Since Chief Keef blew up, it really does seem like there is a never ending pool of Chicago talents. It’s no longer just Kanye, Lupe, Common and Twista flying the flag. 

In part one of this article on Chicago stars, I introduce to you three young up and comers who deserve every bit of your attention. Meet Tink, Saba and Lucki Eck$.


Someone who I am extremely excited about is the 19 year old singer/songwriter and rapper, Tink, who having recently just signed with Epic Records and Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group is very much on the come up. What makes Tink so great is her ability to absolutely turn up with the best of them in the Chicago drill rap circles, dropping fiery flows to then successfully and convincingly switching into a deep and emotional R&B songstress.

There’s no denying Tink, is talented. This maybe due to her growing up with a mother who sings and father who is a guitarist, pianist and  sound engineer, who actually mixes the bulk of Tink’s music. At the beginning of this year she released the R&B mixtape ‘Winter’s Diary 2‘, which you can download HERE for free. Since then she’s dropped a few loosies that can be found on the internet. For the latest, follow on Twitter, @Official_Tink.


Saba is not your typical rapper. The 20 year old anime and video games fanatic describes himself as a real nerd. A nerd who just happens to have grown up on Chicago’s West Side, a rough neighbourhood surrounded by gangs and violence. Having graduated with a 3.5 GPA at St. Joseph’s, a private high school in the suburbs, it’s safe to say that Saba managed to avoid the stereotypical gang life. What make’s Saba special is his ability to convert his personal experiences in to musical art over perfectly selected jazz like instrumentals (Similar to Chance The Rapper), his poetic wordplay, introspective story telling and well defined flows, also likens him to the likes of Kendrick Lamar.

Pivot Gang representative, Saba, was off to a good start, having already appeared on the Chance The Rapper song, ‘Everybody’s Something’, (which also featured BJ The Chicago Kidfrom Chance’s 2013 ‘Acid Rap’ album. The quality raps continued when he released his ComfortZone mixtape this year. To hear more from the kid you can DOWNLOAD ComfortZone here with feature’s from Chicago’s MC Tree, Eryn Allen Kane, and more. 

Lucki Eck$


Lucki Eck$ is another up and coming young rapper from Chicago, whose main music subject is lots and lots of drugs. The difference is not only does he talk about selling drugs, he talks about using it and the effects it has on him on a super deep level. Similar to that of new Mac Miller. Eck$ creates abstract, hazy, trippy and dark aesthetics in rap form. He has an intentionally lazy flow that draws close attention to his sharp and witty lyrics, which are laid over quality atmospheric productions creating an enjoyable listen each time.

Lucki Eck$ is more developed than his age would suggest.  The complexed 18 year old has already released two mix tapes; the appropriately titled Alternative Trap’ and ‘Body High’. Which you can download here for absolutely nothing. You can also follow him on twitter. @LuckiECKS197

Next week, we look at Save Money, the crew which includes Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa and the at the moment lesser known Brian Fresco, Dally Austin, Joey Purp and more.

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