Listen Here: Jabz Daniels returns with ‘Fell Off’ and ‘Pattern it’

Jabz Daniels has returned with two new tracks after a short absence. The Essex/ East London rapper formally known as ‘Digi’ has now adopted the new name ‘Daniels’ to show his new Jack The Lad character and his love for Jack Daniels. 

How ever the music hasn’t changed, still bringing energy, flow and cheeky punch lines in his lyrics. As being one of the first UK rappers to actually corporate Afro beats songs and styles in his tracks, both tracks play around Yoruba words but bring them in a way that is listener friendly for those not familiar with the language.

‘Fell Off’ is more of a statement on a ‘Trapfrobeat’ which was the genre he accidentally started, claiming that he never ‘Fell off’ he was simply just under the radar. ‘Pattern it’ is more of a chilled, relaxed track made for the female listeners.

Listen below and let us know what you think!

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