#BoycottVue Outrage as Vue removes Blue Story Movie from Cinemas.

Vue Removes ‘Blue Story’ From Cinemas

In the last 24 hours, Vue Cinema has become the target of mass outrage on social media, over the reports of the company making the decision to pull Rapman’s ‘Blue Story’ film from all their cinemas, after reports of a ‘machete’ brawl in Birmingham.

The report mentioned:

“Seven police officers were injured after they were called to reports of 100 people – including youths and thugs with machetes –  fighting in the entertainment complex Star City near Nechells just after 5.30pm on Saturday.

Families with young children were ready to enjoy the first opening Saturday of Frozen II when the violence broke out.”

Vue Cinema’s decision to remove Blue Story from their UK cinemas has been done with immediate effect.

Social Media Had A Lot To Say About This

Social media has been on fire with many people expressing their disgust at the situation. Many questioning the fact that the brawl at the cinema happened during a showing of Frozen 2, yet Blue Story is facing the consequences of this isolated incident.

A wider racial discussion is being had about the agenda that certain institutions have against black centred content, especially when compared to similar situations happening with other demographics and other films, with similar consequences not being enforced in those instances.

Boycotting VUE Cinema has been a common thread of conversation, with #NoBlueNoVue and #BoycottVue being the hashtags that have been trending.

You Have To Question Vue’s Decision To Remove The Film

This whole situation is one that has rubbed many people the wrong way. Many are frustrated at the knock on effect this can have on the film’s opening weekend’s box office figures and the bigger picture this can have on major companies’ decision to back future films from black creators.

It’s highly surprising to see companies making such a big and extreme decision after one isolated situation, people are highlighting a case of Vue displaying discrimination in how they have approached the matter.

What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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