Black Women Leading The Way in 2021

The start of every year always brings many changes and switch-ups within the media! One great positive change and progression this year has been the increase of young Black British women at the forefront of the media!

One of these creations is our very own show!! The Spotlight First Show!


SpotlightFirst in conjunction with Tribe Urban Radio brings weekly fresh music covering all that is RnB & alternative sounds from the UK and around the world.  With the rise and new found ‘need’ for Rnb in the UK, this was the perfect time for The SpotlightFirst Show to be launched! The show is presented by Cee and Malorie who will also be shining the ‘Spotlight’ on up-and-coming artists, ‘dope finds’ and hidden gems as well as keeping you updated on industry news and special guest interviews.

The Spotlight First radio show is just one of many UK platforms uplifting and putting black women in the forefront! 2021 feels like the rebirth of female ‘Black Excellence’ as Black women are finally being given the chance to shine in their respective fields! From Radio shows to owning businesses, Black women are finally being given their flowers!

On the 30th of January, Remi Burgz joined the BBC 1Xtra family, hosting the Weekend Breakfast (Saturday and Sundays 7-11 am). This was also in addition to the updated 1Xtra family which includes Lady Leshurr who will be on Saturday afternoons, with Nadia Jae moving over to weekday breakfast and Sian Anderson on Monday nights. Henrie Kwushue, the host of Kiss FM’s Weekend Breakfast Show (6-8am), is another Black queen doing her thing in mainstream radio.

In addition to hosting radio shows, black women are also hosting their own talk shows and flourishing. Wunmi Bello, with her self titled show, is another example of a black woman doing her thing. Wunmi first hosted the amazing “What She Said” series where she held serious in-depth interviews with prominent women who were blazing trails across the globe. The ‘Wunmi Bello Show’ is released on her YouTube page and contains regular guests ranging from artists to influencers!

The Zeze Millz Show hosted by Zeze Millz is another example of a great talk show hosted by a British Black woman! She regularly hosts incredible interviews that always spark a conversation!

The talent from Black Women doesn’t stop at radio and talk shows! Black women are also excelling at so much more. Rami Kadri is the founder of Two Tabs Social which is a company that provides social media management and hosts training sessions with clients ranging from the music industry, fashion, finance and art. In addition, VAMP, a company that was launched by 3 Black women; Christina Okorocha, Rumbi Mupindu and Ruby Aryiku was set up to represent black British talent. The company have just celebrated their four year anniversary and have launched a Digital Talent Agency which will be dedicated specifically to the development of Black content creators in the UK. Things we love to see!!!

Hopefully, the rise of Black women in mainstream media will continue!

Join hosts Cee & Malorie every Tuesday afternoon on the Spotlight First Radio Show at 12 pm – 2 pm for the latest sounds, humour and relatable topics and discussions on music, culture and real life. Keeping you informed and entertained during lunchtime.

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