“Big Sean is one dope/classic album away from Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole status”

One month into 2015 and Big Sean continues exactly how he started and finished 2014. Since Big Sean has been on his kill streak mission no one has been safe. After annihilating him for the second time on B-Boy ft. Big Sean & A$AP Ferg, Meek Mill may want to start thinking twice about calling Sean for a feature.


As outrageous as it may sound, when it comes to flows, punchlines and rapping technicality very few can compete with Big Sean. I know what your thinking but hold on let me finish (Hey, Kanye).

In 2014 it would have been a struggle to find a weak verse from the Sean don. Eminem, Meek Mill, Drake, Jay Z, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar are just a few of the rappers Big Sean has featured alongside with. Last year he rapped with the best of them and in more cases than not, came out on top or at the very least a worthy contender.

The problem here is that when it comes to the hip hop scene, there is levels. A rap hierarchy. Today at the top sits rappers like Kanye West, Jay Z and Eminem,  just below we have the J Cole’s and Kendrick Lamar’ and so on This hierarchy is not the gospel. There are artists like Drake and Rick Ross who could be argued in anywhere from the very top level to mid. A rapper like Big Sean is more difficult to place. On first look, I’m sure most wouldn’t consider him on the same level as J. Cole and Kendrick, but why exactly? What make’s J.Cole and Kendrick “levels” above Big Sean?

As a rapper Big Sean can fit just as much punchlines into a 16 as Fabulous and flow wise there isn’t many as colourful as Sean. Throughout his career  he has also shown he can create music with substance as well as have a lot of fun.

On tunes like 24k of Gold ft. J.cole and 100 ft. Royce Da 5’9 and Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean remains himself yet at the same time displays great lyricism on the same level as his rap mates.  Mixtape’s like ‘Finally Famous 3‘ and ‘Detroit’ show that it is actually possible to get that fully un-debatably dope body of work from Sean.

In terms of commercial success, he is a star on his own, regardless of who his girlfriend may be. Big Sean has been on some pretty big single’s and is not doing too bad himself. He is not quite yet “the beyonce of rap” as Kanye West once put, but there is still time.

His last album, ‘Hall of Fame’,which also contained some good stand out tracks with substance such as ‘First chain ft. Nas and Kid Cudi’ and ‘All Figured Out’  only sold a modest 72k in it’s first week.

His 3rd LP is already expected to perform a lot better thank’s to his hit single IDFWU ft. E-40. On paper, Big Sean has all the correct ingredients to move to the next level. What is really missing is that critical acclaim and cultural impact. The album that put’s him on that upper echelon and with the release date of his upcoming album ‘Dark Sky Paradise‘ fast approaching…That dope album could be here.

We’ll just have to wait till Feb. 24th to see if Dark Sky Paradise does what ‘Good Kid MAad City’ did for Kendrick and ‘2014 Forrest Hill Drive’ did for J.Cole

On top of the Drake assisted “Blessings,” the 15 track LP will include bonus features from Kanye, Lil Wayne, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Ty Dolla $ign, Jhené Aiko, John Legend, E-40, and his girl Ariana Grande.

 Words by @ClubTolu


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