Bezzy’s thoughts – J Hus and the resulting circumstances around his stabbings

The J Hus situation (he was stabbed five times by possible rival gang last week) and the resulting circumstances around his stabbing have received a lot of coverage and attention over the last few days. It seems like everyone has had something to say on the matter, casting their judgements and what else. Even national newspapers have covered the story. After taking in various information from relative sources, here is my take on the matter. 

Firstly, I have never agreed with the reasoning behind posting pictures or videos after being the victim or the perpetrator of a violent or criminal incident. Let alone posting a picture of one throwing up any hand gestures regardless of the meaning. Moreover, I am not of the opinion that he should not have been corrected or criticised for the post; he did the right thing removing the post as soon as possible.

Beyond that, I am of the persuasion that a number of criticisms and comments that were aimed at him were overtly: negative, misdirected & somewhat cynical. First of all he got stabbed and this was likely the consequence of jealousy and hate towards his relative fame and position in the UK music scene. In the aftermath of his stabbing my feelings are that he was clearly not in a rational state of mind. He was probably in a state of anger, confusion and bitterness unsure of how to react and proceed with the issue. I grew up around the culture he raps and sings about. The expectation is that after an incident like that, one must stay strong and not look weak in the eyes of one’s enemy. Furthermore, the victim must do all he can to get back at those who put him in harms way: “an eye for an eye.”

A lot has been said about J Hus’ position in society and the need for him to be a “responsible, role model” for the youth in light of the recent rise in knife crime in London. I do agree that knife crime in London is a big problem. We need people to stand up and be role models for the youth: educating, guiding and supporting them on the issues and shortcomings of gang culture. However, I feel that many have neglected from the fact that J Hus himself is a young man and a victim of the problems that exist in the society we live in. To add to that, he is a young man who has been thrown into a position of relative fame, without understanding the overall implications of this position. It is easy for people to expect him to be a responsible adult condemning the gang culture without understanding the expectations and reality of growing up in gang polluted urban London.

I do not pretend to know much about J Hus’ personal life or how he grew up. My guess would be that he grew up around poor influences who themselves have never been exposed to this level of scrutiny (and he may still be around bad influences.) If that’s the reality of his situation, how do we expect him to be responsible and held accountable for the problems that exist throughout our society.  He has now been exposed to the negative sides of fame, public scrutiny and social media. Social media is the mob; it will make or break you, very fast. Rather than continuing to bring him down and vilifying him like I have seen in a number of articles over the last few days, we as a society should try to support, direct and educate him.

He doesn’t need to be perceived as a cancer in our society like so many low-income ethnic youths are after making mistakes. I agree that he made a mistake and was rightly corrected for this error in judgment. However, beyond this we have a responsibility to help him understand the position he has come to adopt being a prominent and talented artist. He should be made aware of the responsibilities this position entails, but this should be done with a hint of compassion, sympathy and reason. I mean any kid who can make looking ugly fashionable deserves that. His career in my opinion is also not over or should be over. Although that all depends on how he handles himself from now, both musically and in his personal life. My wish is for him to lean and bop his way to the top, while his money keeps calling so he can laugh at his haters even if he is “ugly” by his own standards. I’m sure they’ll love that.

Words by @Bezzy_BB

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