Battle Rap is Exciting Stuff!

Battle Rap is pretty big right now, probably bigger than it’s ever been. There is a lot of talk and attention on Battle rap at the moment thanks to it’s larger than life characters and heroes the battle rap league has created such as Daylyt, Loaded Lux, Hollow Da Don and others. As well as that there is also the Eminem and Slaughterhouse reality show; Shady’s Road To Total Slaughter that began this summer and features the battle rappers mentioned along with some of the best battle rappers of today. The show introduces battle rap to a completely new audience, which can only be a good thing for the scene (episodes 1 and 2 can be seen here).

Battle Rap Leagues like Smack/URL, KOTD and the UK’s Don’t Flop are already extremely successful, and have a large following, putting on sold out PPV shows and events with many battles then receiving millions and millions of views on youtube. It can only really ever go up from here. Mainstream artists have also been paying attention; Drake Co-hosted KOTD’s Dizaster vs DNA clash in 2011 and has been supporting ever since, then there’s the time Jay Z, your mum and everyone in between was tweeting and going crazy over Loaded Lux’s “You gon’ get this work” catchphrase.

The hype around battle rap is definitely nothing new. Remember when Cassidy first jumped on the scene as the rapper who beat Freestyle in a battle and could also make good music. The obvious Eminem and 8-mile days, and remember Jin from BET who later got signed to Ruff Ryders.

With all that’s happened battle rap today is still at it’s most promising. TDE’s Ab-Soul recently released his album ‘These Days’ which featured a 20min battle between him self and controversial battle rapper Daylyt. The first time a rap battle has featured in a album. In a recent interview with XXL soul says “Battle Rap right now is more exciting than it’s ever been these days,” and Spotlight First strongly agree.

I have to admit, I was a little late on all that is, battle rap. I began paying attention properly again after Loaded Lux Vs Hollow Da Don battle last december.  Since then i’ve caught up on many classic battles from the two rappers, along with others such as Dizaster, Arsonal, Tsu Surf, Shotty Horroh and more. Other than the high level lyrical side of battle rap what’s more attractive is its worldwide appeal, we have battlers all over the world, from UK to Australia, Canada and US all fighting for the same thing. To be the best and to beat there opponent. Take this battle below for example we have Arsonal From New Jersey going against Shotty Horrah from the UK, Manchester.

With these rappers you get the hunger, lyrics, humour, competitiveness and all that’s missing from mainstream hip hop today, which is probably why more and more people are tuning into battle rap now.

What’s next for battle rap? Give us your views and opinions below.



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