Bashy – “10 years ago I was struggling, driving a bus and people laughed at me”

Old school Grime fans know him as the guy who made 2004’s Ur Mum Vol.1 and 2005’s Chupa Chumps Mixtape which included popular songs such as “Black Boys” and “How to pick a wife“, others more recently thank’s to Stormzy’s ‘Bad Boys’ single may know him as the guy Ghetts demanded “ask Carlos” to, during an old school grime clash on the rooftops. Around the same time, and up until 2007, Bashy was also a Bus Driver on his grind. Fast forward to 2017, Bashy is a successful actor in L.A starring in the hit tv show: ’24:Legacy’.

Watch this clip below of a recent interview of Bashy’s inspiring journey from Bus Driver to successful actor! – Full interview can be seen here.

Words by @ClubTolu

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