Are you ‘Insecure’?

Issa Rae better known as “Issa” is the star and genius behind the HBO original series ‘Insecure’. Currently, on its second season, this show is filled with laughs, awkward moments and memorable punchlines. “Broken Pussy.”

Not only is Issa an actress, she is also a producer, writer and web series creator.  Issa first began uploading her series titled ‘awkward black girl’ in 2011 on to YouTube, where she currently has over 3 million views and 301,058 YouTube subscribers. She is a symbol of black girl magic and building a door when there isn’t one.

‘Insecure’ is a show totally for the culture! In a league of its own, it’s certainly something different in comparison to ‘Empire’ and ‘Power’.

The series follows the life of an “insecure” black women living in LA dealing with the struggle of dating in the 21st century amongst dealing with everything else life throws her way.

“You tryna play me my N*****”. One of the many aspects that makes this show so great are the frequent pep talks Issa gives herself in the mirror. It’s hilarious because we’ve all been there at some stage, staring at ourselves in the mirror using our toughest voice from within to encourage ourselves into a situation we are not 100% comfortable with.

The series tackles subjects such as cheating, racism and open marriages in a unique comedic manner.

This show so unique in relation to the aspect of its portrayal of cheating in relationships. Now let’s be honest were all too used to hearing about males cheating over and over again. What’s new? However, what happens when it’s the women who cheats?

Does the man stay in the relationship and try work things out? Does he cheat back to make them even?

Early in season one, we see Issa slip up and make a mistake which cost’s her relationship with the love of her life, Lawrence. It’s very rare to see and hear about a female cheating which makes it great TV to watch.

What I found interesting was that Lawrence didn’t make much of an attempt to save their relationship once Issa had cheated on him. Although I’m sure if the roles were reversed Issa would try her best to forgive her cheating boyfriend.

I’m sure we can all list a number of males who have cheated and the women have still stuck around.

Why is it that females are more likely to stay after males cheat but when the role is reversed the male no longer want no part to play in the relationship?

Is this simply down to Ego and pride? Or Is the fact that some men see women as disposable?

Insecure fills a void in the Black TV market, it’s filled with Realistic and relatable characters and tons of Satire.  I  only started watching Insecure last month and I’m already up to date with all the episodes.

If unlike me you started watching when the show first aired last year, how do you feel about Insecure?

Likewise, if you don’t watch Insecure, you need to!

Words by Priscilla Powers

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