[Album Review] VB – Pour Some More 2

VB returns to music for the sequel to his highly praised Pour Some More mixtape.


The tape begins with the sound of a money counter – by now, we should know what VB is all about. If not check out our review of his previous project; 2016’s PSM.

With PSM2, VB makes a brash return to music, immediately picking up from where he left off. The 9 track tape has a much clearer focus than previous efforts whilst offering stellar production, honest lines and sober thoughts.

VB delivers first hand trap tales from a veterans perspective. I’d like to say the style VB has developed is mature trap. 

“Just a young n*gga getting old”

VB comes to terms with getting older and the realisation that the stakes are high which means his decisions must be wiser. Something which most of us in our late 20s can definitely relate to. 

A reoccurring theme on the EP is his relationships – or lack there of – as VB battles between his love for the things money can buy, the streets, family and girls. A great example of this is the Flex produced ‘Trap comes 1st‘ which makes a great flip of the classic ‘Aston Martin’ record by Rick Ross.

Clear & concise from start to finish, PSM 2 has to be a strong contender for project of the year and one you should definitely check out and take in it’s entirety.

Stand out tracks: Trap comes 1st, Enormous, Homecoming, Jus Listen.

Words by @ClubTolu

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