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SpotlightFirst is a black owned media and entertainment company that is of and for the culture. A community of young and passionate music and art enthusiasts dedicated to discovering, showcasing and nurturing emerging talent from all backgrounds.

Created in 2014, SpotlightFirst  has gone on to become a staple of youth culture and music discovery in the UK and around the world.

What started as a music blog has grown into a full service media and entertainment house creating all types of content, curating events, playlists and more. SpotlightFirst has also played an important role in developing some of the UK’s most talented artists of our time and contributed to multiple release campaigns that have achieved commercial and chart success.

SpotlightFirst also work closely with local communities and youth projects providing resources and free consultancy services assisting and helping to create and provide activities and opportunities for young people and young adults in the UK from less privileged backgrounds.

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