A2 releases visuals for ‘Flair’ featuring Octavian, Yxng Bane & Suspect

London rapper A2 releases the visuals for new single ‘Flair’ featuring an all-star line up of OctavianYxng Bane & Suspect – all defining the who and what of British rap in 2018

“I rate those bruddas highly… That track is a rare one: I don’t think you’ll get those four people on a track again,” says A2.

The single is taken from his latest EP, ‘Purple’, a blend of A2’s last releases, ‘Blue’ and ‘Red’ and contextualises his unique sound while underlining his talent both in performance and production; emphasising his quietly confident flair. In a way it’s perfect night-time music, seemingly purpose built for contemplative excursions down an open road with the city twinkling in the distance. “Year after year, I ain’t never taking no breaks,” he says on opening track ‘Flex Luthor’, a reference to the fact you’ll need more than two hands to count the bodies of work he’s released over the years. Overall, ‘Purple’ marks an exciting time in A2’s career, presenting him as a versatile and distinctive artist ready to take over.

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