[A Rant] Stop attacking the Grammy’s for the wrong thing!

If you didn’t already hear, Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars won big at the Grammy’s on Sunday night! You might also have seen the many articles that have been circulating about how women were not correctly represented this year, with only 1 woman receiving a major award.

Firstly, because it has to be said, how did BRUNO MARS win so many awards?! He is a great artist and performer, but ‘song of the year?’ Really?

When the Grammy nominations were announced, there weren’t many negative discussions surrounded with its controversial decisions. People were celebrating Hip-Hop’s representation compared with previous years. The Grammy’s are supposed to be the greatest night in music for the year, it represents the musicians and artists that are at the height of the industry and making the most impact.

So why was there a lack of female winners, and even nominees?

The answer is so simple and get offended at me for saying it, but men made better music last year. The Grammy’s shouldn’t be forced to give an award to Lady Gaga when Ed Sheeran’s album was better. Whether you agree with the winners or not, it not supposed to be about gender, it’s supposed to be about music.

The ‘Time’s Up’ campaign for gender equality at the ceremony last night was an incredible movement, the majority of artists stood together in solidarity by wearing a white rose. It is so frustrating that something that brought so many people together and did what music is supposed to do, has been turned into a negative discussion about women in music.

Yes, equality needs to happen. But that should mean that music is awarded by how great it is, not because they need to make sure there is a good ‘mix’ of male/female/black/white winners, to avoid a controversial debate after the ceremony.

Rant over. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

Words by Amie Croft

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Amie Croft