A rant by Lauren: Chris Hughes thinking it’s acceptable to publicly use the ‘N’ word

It was just a matter of time really wasn’t it? Give an idiot fame off the back of a reality television show, gas him up and then he gets a bit too “big for his boots”.

A privileged knob head from Gloucestershire thinks he’s cool because he “made it” into the Grime scene for a song he released with fellow reality star Kem Cetinay, and then thinks it’s okay to act up on snap chat to his fans by repeatedly rapping the N word. Know yourself please.  

This is what happens when we let joke men think they’re important and influential. The guy clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing. Obviously there are people already defending him with the old “It’s only a song” line, but its not hard – if you know you have a huge following and have people “looking up to you”, you can’t go around acting anyhow.

It wasn’t even that long ago that Piers Morgan had to be shut down for trying to imply that it’s appropriate for white girls to be singing the same word in Kanye West’s song Gold Digger, please let’s not have to waste our breath having to explain it again.

Do whatever you want to do in your own home, just don’t go throwing around N Bombs in public and recording it to make yourself seem “cool” when you cant even begin to understand the connotations of the word. We need to stop giving idiots a platform for fame.

A rant by Lauren Stevens


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Lauren Stevens