5 reasons why we love Cardi B

The real question is how can you NOT love Cardi B?!

Cardi B once famously said “a hoe never gets cold” …well she hot now!

Cardi’s journey has been one of fun, honesty and wildness. She’s the chick from the hood you just have to root for. I think everyone sees a little bit of themselves in Cardi or a little bit of what they wish they could be.

Last year New York Rapper Cardi B proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Not only did she release hip-hop anthem ‘Bodak Yellow’, she broke history as she became the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill to score a solo Billboard number one single. Last week, she tied with Queen B for the record of having four songs simultaneously on the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

There’s no doubt that she is becoming the new face of female hip-hop as every track she’s on is a hit. Motorsport, No limit, and Finesse are all doing extremely well on the music charts.  Though aside from her music there are many other reasons why we love Cardi B. Here are 5 of them:

“She’s the underdog”

A lot of people didn’t believe in Cardi, we saw this time and time again on Love and Hip Hop but guess who’s laughing now? DJ Self!

Let’s be honest, when we first hear anybody say they want to pursue a career in music we automatically question their talent and ability. Prior to starring on Love and Hip Hop, Cardi was a New York stripper who had dreamt of being a rapper. We love the fact that she broke through against all odds and gave her doubters plenty to talk about.

 “She wears her insecurities with a smile”

We know she spent a bag to fix her teeth and we know it wasn’t cheap, but Cardi knew she had a crooked smile and didn’t care. She later explained how she did it for her future brand… what can we say not everyone has J Cole’s discipline.

Before all the fame, Cardi had always been very vocal on her social media about her life, experiences and things that are on her mind. We love that she has got a crazy infectious personality. Speaking her mind especially where other’s wouldn’t. A classic example of this was on the season 6 Love and Hip Hop reunion when she told Peter Panicky what a lot of us were truly thinking about how he treats women. She surely got a standing ovation from me for that episode.

“Her music is for the culture”

From ‘Foreva’ to ‘Lick’ to ‘Bodak Yellow’, Cardi’s songs get the girls/guys going. Cardi is definitely showing her versatility more and more , If I said to you a year ago that Cardi would be on a song with Bruno Mars , would your brain compute it? Now look.

Say what you want about her background and lifestyle choices but her Music is actually very good. Cardi is talented! She is becoming an artist that everyone is dying to collaborate with. Not just this, but Bodak Yellow is an anthem and as a result of her lyrics on that track, it was reported the searches for Louboutin shoes increased. Enough said.

   “She keeps it real!”

In addition to her speaking her mind and being the underdog, she has always kept it real. When news broke that her fiancé OffSet cheated on her, she did not try to hide here feelings on the matter from the public. You have to respect that, especially as this is something a lot of people (especially celebrities) would try to avoid discussing.

 “She’s a hard working women”

“Dropped two mixtapes in six months what bitch working as hard as me?”. She knows how to hustle and isn’t afraid of hard work. She believed in her ability to create fantastic music and she did just that.

Words by Priscilla Powers

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