[Stream] La Swave – King Of Essex [Album]

La Swave returns with his HIGHLY anticipated second full length project  ‘King Of Essex‘.

After the success of his previous LP Let Me Live and widespread success of his single My Hopeless Love Song, that featured on big Apple/Spotify playlists and commercial radio play. The Essex musician is back with a 14 track effort under the self proclaimed title ‘King Of Essex‘.

The album,  produced in its entirety by Jae Eaux, takes us on a usual Swave-esque journey. Vulnerability, introspectiveness, braggadocios lyrics and pure fun.

“If there’s anyway I could describe this latest work, I’d just describe it as overall growth. Sonic growth. Personal Growth. Musical Growth. As a musician, I wanted to showcase growth in every aspect. Through the lyricism, through the concepts, through my vulnerability. And overall, just growth as an artist”

The album boast features from Hannah B, Dylan Williams, AdeJosh and more – La Swave – King Of Essex:

Download and Stream HERE: https://fanlink.to/kOeAlBuM

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