4 Reasons Why Stormzy’s Upcoming World Tour Is A Massive Deal

Stormzy has always been one to push the envelope and do things that we hadn’t seen before. His 2016 release ‘Gang Signs And Prayers’ put him on the map as one of the top names in the UK music scene and since then, he has made power moves in many different ways, from creating the Merky books imprint, to creating the Stormzy scholarship, to performing at Glastonbury and generally in the last few years he has cemented himself as a mogul and business man in his own right, whose mission has been to break the mould and make an impact.

Recently Stormzy announced his upcoming new album name ‘Heavy Is The Head’, to be released on 13 December 2019. He has now followed this announcement up, by releasing dates for a massive world tour for 2020.

As you can tell from looking at the numbers of dates and cities above, this is definitely a major announcement and proof that his team are really upping the levels in a big way. In this post below are 4 reasons why Stormzy’s upcoming world tour is a massive deal.

It’s Actually A Proper World Tour

Sometimes when artists say they are going on a ‘world tour’, they leave out some major world markets, but Stormzy has made the full commitment to doing it right – cities across Asia, Africa, Australia, America have all been announced with dates, along with places in Europe and the UK (notably 2 September shows in London). You have to respect his work ethic to do all these shows in a one year span.

In Terms Of Representatives Of Our Scene, No one Has Done It As Big As This

Quite frankly, there’s been no one who has done it as big as this in our scene. Period. To do a tour of even the UK and Europe is no small feat, but to take it another step forward and doing a whole world tour, including Asia and Africa is amazing to see and it just shows that the vision for Stormzy’s team is not limited at all in their scope.

Stormzy’s Brand Will Grow Even Further From This

This tour will undoubtedly be an amazing move for the Stormzy brand. Worldwide press will naturally follow as he goes from country to country and continent to continent. People that might not know what Stormzy is about may be willing to check out his music knowing that he is coming to their city which will get his name out there like never before.

Stormzy has shown his business mind through some of the moves he has made as has shown that he shown that is someone we should be looking at as a mogul. This world tour is definitely guaranteed to make a lot of revenue just from looking at the amount of shows and cities involved and I’m sure this will go some way to getting him up there when it comes to 2020 accolades when it comes to money made from touring.

It Opens The Door For More Major Moves Like This

You have to imagine that Stormzy’s world tour will play its part in terms of pushing the UK music scene further on a worldwide level so it will be interesting to see the knock on effect that will happen in people being interested in checking out more names from here, it will something to look at closely to see what happens after Stormzy’s tour, directly and indirectly.

As always, when you see people in the scene make power moves, it shows that it can be possible and it opens the door for others to make similar moves. One can only hope that others here are looking at what Stormzy is doing and using it as inspiration that they can push forward and also continue to make moves worldwide.

We’ll monitor this situation closely to see how this all plays out but all in all, we have to give our utmost respects to Stormzy and the calibre of moves he is making before our eyes. This is truly history in the making.

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