4 Reasons Why Octavian Is Set To Smash 2020

Octavian is one artist from the UK who has definitely made his mark since bursting onto the scene in the last few years. From the moment I heard him I saw that he had ‘STAR’ quality and undoubtedly an artist who will be here for the long run. His music being a blend of many different genres alongside rap, has shown that he has the potential to establish his name in the music game amongst the top performing artists on the worldwide scale

2019 has been a great year for Octavian and he has given us every reason to believe that 2020, will be even greater.

In the below post I give 4 reasons why I believe Octavian is set to smash 2020.

1. He Has Showed Continuous Growth In 2019

In 2019 Octavian followed on from the momentum of winning the BBC Music’s Sound Of 2019 and delivered bangers throughout the year. Most notably on his most recent project, titled ‘Endorphins’, where he delivered one of the biggest hit of 2019 – ‘Bet’ featuring Skepta and Michael Phantom.

Along with this were tunes that I can definitely see building steam throughout the rest of this year and next – ‘Feel It’ featuring Theophilus London and ‘No Weakness’.

He recently was featured on ‘Pattern Chanel‘ with his fellow Essie Gang crew and delivered a tune that will definitely get people moving in any rave/party setting.

He’s clearly showing his continuous growth and elevation in the scene, building on his sound and showcasing the versatility that tells us that he is not a one dimensional artist and can deliver in different lanes. Hopefully we see more of the same growth in the next year and beyond.

2. Big Potential Musical Collaborations In The Works

2019 already saw Octavian feature on  Diplo’s single, ‘New Shapes’, which i’m guessing is only the beginning in terms of interesting collaborations Octavian will be involved with in the coming years.

Octavian notably caught the attention of Drake, when he released his 2017 hit ‘Party Here’. Alongside Drake, Travis Scott has also showed to be a big fan of Octavian, with Octavian supporting him at his London 02 Arena concert this year.

The signs indicate that a musical collaboration may be on the cards in 2020 which would be absolutely crazy if so. You can just tell from listening to both of their music individually that they would make some real magic in the studio together.

If we are going by a recent Instagram post from him, he has an album in the works, which if planned for a 2020 release, will have some big songs and even greater features. We will stay tuned as to any developments with that in the next year.

Fashion Industry Collaborations and Cultural Appeal

Along with music, Octavian appears to be increasingly involved in the fashion world as well, highlighting the different avenues he is able to manoeuvre into and the lanes he is building in terms of extending the reach of his brand on a global cultural level.

Octavian was recently involved in the Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2020 runway show in Paris. He showcased Virgil’s menswear collection having walked in the Louis Vuitton SS 2019 show also.

He has been posted on the official Louis Vuitton instagram in a video from the 2020 runway show and also below where he is showcasing the new LV Rainbow Sunglasses (from Virgil’s collection).

Octavian and Virgil recently had a documented conversation where they talked about the friendship. The audio transcription of the conversation can read in full here: https://theface.com/style/virgil-abloh-octavian-a-conversation-about-culture

It’s very fascinating to see the types of connections that Octavian is building in various different fields outside of music and it will be very interesting to see what directions he decides to go into on a business level, in the next year.

An Ever Growing Fanbase Worldwide

Octavian has a growing fanbase which is getting bigger and bigger by the month. A glance at his Spotify streaming numbers show that as of the time this post was written, he has over 1,700,000 monthly listeners with the spread of worldwide listeners from the UK, to throughout Europe,  America and beyond. You can expect his numbers to continue to grow greatly in 2020.

On YouTube he has amassed over 14 million views for his song ‘Bet’ which has been his biggest song by far. His other music videos released this year all have over 300,000 views so he has the growing numbers on his side in a real tangible way. You can see he is building a solid core audience before our very eyes.

Everything is pointing to a massive year in 2020 where he will likely get exposed to an even wider audience who discovers him and what he’s about and I’m personally really looking forward to seeing what moves he makes in the next 12 months. You know he is about to blow up in a major way, he has everything going for him and you’d likely be in a losing battle betting against him getting those worldwide accolades very soon.

Words by @TalkWithTonte

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